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Laser Therapy

How It Works

Our treatment includes the use of a non-thermal laser capable of directing electromagnetic pulses deep into the affected tissue and joints.  The electromagnetic energy present in these waves penetrates the skin, is absorbed by cells in the damaged or inflamed tissues of the body, and converted into chemical energy.  830nm laser light promotes an increase in the production of ATP, which is the energy-producing molecule used by cells for growth and repair.

It is because of this conversion of energy that an enhancement of circulatory and lymphatic systems takes place thus leading to an increase in the overall healing process.

Cold lasers are made with varying penetrating power.   830nm is the deepest penetrating laser available today.  830 nm Wavelength Cold Laser has a penetrating power up to 4 cm or greater.  Our laser has more than twice the penetrating power than the leading 630 nm laser.  Tendons, ligaments and muscles that lie beyond the reach of shorter wavelengths can be treated with the 830nm wavelength laser with great success.

The laser used in chiropractic is not like the dangerous high-power lasers that can cut through tissue. The lasers used by our office do not heat and destroy tissue; they are low-energy lasers that provide enough energy to affected cells to give them the ability to repair themselves, but not so much energy that they're destroyed. Hot lasers might output as much as 1 million watts or more, while the cold, low-level lasers used in our treatments have an output of 10 milliwatts. That's one hundredth of one watt, which is 100 million times weaker than hot lasers.

If reducing the damage of injury, increasing the strength of the repaired tissue and structures and accelerating the entire process are the goal, then low level laser therapy is the optimal therapy.

NBC and ABC television news affiliates have broadcasts specials on the effectiveness of laser therapy in treatment of the carpal tunnel syndrome.  To view those videos, click below:

NBC            ABC

Other videos describe more completely how the lasers heals:

Laser Video Part One: Load time is 70 seconds with high-speed cable; longer with dial-up or DSL.

Laser Video Part Two: Load time is 60 seconds with high-speed cable; longer
with dial-up or DSL. 












































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